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Monday, April 29, 2002
I'm really glad that you've looked at he site and (from what I gather) think it's a good idea. I apologize for not having posted anyhting earlier, but I went to see my father in Bologna e did not have access to a computer. I'm also very glad to see that you are sharing your stories in order for others to have an idea of who you are and what kind of situation you are living. I don't know iif many of you are clear on my situation; I'm the oldest of 8 children adn study in Switzerland. One of my brothers, Jonathan, who is 6 years old was diagnosed very recently with AS. He's always been a little bit "strange" but we always just assumed that he was just developing alittle bit later than the other children his age. When sent for a diagnosis, we were told that he had PDD and ADHD and so he was transfered into another school. Every week a psycholigist came to our house and spend a n hour with Jonathan trying to get him "up to date", as she put it, with the other children in his class. My mother only discovered AS by chance, since Jonathan has to change schools next year she was forced to start looking for new "special" schools where Jonathan could have the attention he needed. Through a brochure she found a school that was specialized in AS and PDD. Out of curiosity, she started reading about AS and realized that this was the missing link, it was what all the doctors, specialists and psychologists were trying to figure out but couldn't. His speech is not very good, although in the past 6 months he's begun forming full and more complete sentances, but ever since he was 2 he can recite entire half hour scenes from cartoon and video cassettes that we have at home. His interests now are Monster trucks and trains..and god forbid he talk about anyhting else!! =0) He's a great kid and very very affectionate... we told him that he'll have to change schools soon and "I hate my new school", "I want to stay where I am", and "I don't want to make new friends" have become common phrases. Is there any way to facilitate this transition from one school to another? We've asked both the babysitter and one of the teachers from his old school if either could serve as a form of "shadow" in the new school. Just be there with him, so that he had a point of referance that he could trust in this new environment. Does any know of anyhting else that could help?

Thanks again for your participation and I hope this is the beginning of new friendships for all of us- a shoulder to lean on can always be of help... even if through the computer...

Sincerely, Georgia

Thursday, April 25, 2002
Hi Georgia! This is a great idea - thanks for all your work in putting this together. For those out there, I have a 7 yeard old son and a 3 1/2 year old daughter. My son was diagnosed with Aspergers 16 months ago. I was extraordinarily overwhelmed at forst, but I spent a lot of time researching the disorder and have found ways to help him. First, he was in a private school that was doing nothing to help him - they were actually punishing him for his "odd" social behaviors. So. last April in the middle of the school year we took him out and put him into our local public school - by far the best thing for him. He loves it there andhe is doing really well. But, the biggest changes came in him after we started a gluten free, casein free diet. I read a lot about it, and discussed the nutritional aspect with my pediatrician, and we went cold turkey onto the diet. It took about 4 months to see any noticeable improvement. However, the difference we have seen in the last 16 motnhs is incredible. This child who had virtually no social skills has come a long way. At our parent teacher conference in Fevraury the teacher told us he is making friends and sought out by others. He still has some truly ASpergers issues - often repeats things from videos and books and has a lot of toruble with changes to his routine. But a large amount fo teh Asperger symptoms virtually go away when he adheres to the diet. If he gets even a trace amount of gluten his behavior changes dramatically.
Anyhow, I have become quite informed about this dietary approach - so if anyone is interested in discussing let me know.

I love this forum - I'll be checking in dialy or so.


Wednesday, April 24, 2002
Hi Georgia!

I tried to post a message earlier but I only got half way through before I did something wrong and it all disappeared. So if a partial message comes up....uh....that's mine. : D
This appears to be a great site. I really like this idea! For those reading, my 7 year old son, Jared was diagnosed with AS last year by the school psychologist. I took him to a private psychologist whose diagnosis was high funtioncing autism. To some there is a fine line, but yet a difference between the two, to others, it's the same thing. The only thing that I notice with Jared is that he doesn't have that well developed conversational speech that I have heard from some Aspie kids.
Barbara I find it interesting that your daughters characteristics become more prevailent as she gets older. I am finding this same thing with Jared. (although of course, I had hoped that he would outgrow them instead.) Georgia thanks for all your work in this area. There is so much that needs to be brought to the publics attention about it.

Thanks for inviting me to check out your site. As you know, my son Adam just turned 6 and was diagnosed this past winter with Asperger's. I am still overwhelmed but I am trying to learn all I can. Right now, I'm working on coordinating summer services for Adam so he won't be "set adrift" when school ends in June. I will continue to read what is posted at this site and I will contribute as I am able. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication on this subject.
Hi! This is a great site! I am impressed. Everything I have tried has worked and it seems very understandable. For anyone reading this, I am the mother of twins. The boy twin has been diagnosed with Asperger's and the girl twin has many characteristics but too subtle to be considered fully AS. Her social difficulties seem to present themselves more as she gets older and in more complex social situations. I am hoping to get a neuro psych appointment for her and get more help in place for her in school. I am so happy to see this site and hope that it grows. Thanks for all your work, Georgia!
Hey there! This the weblog I had told all of you about earlier. First and foremost I would like to thank you all for having taken the time out to help me with my research. Eventually I am planning to publish my findings, both on the net and elsewhere. I beleive the more information we can get out about Asperger's Syndrome, the easier it will be for those affected. People with AS need special attention and unfortunately, with so little information out now, they are not getting the what they need. They are often misunderstood and under appreciated.

I hope that with this weblog, you will each share your experiences, ask for advice or just get to know one another. My objective is to create a sort of AS community, where parents and friends can communicate to eachother and with new people in order to help both those affected with AS and those who need to know how to deal with them.

I look forward to reading your comments!
Georgia Aprile


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